Welcome to my COACHING services for your Professional Success, through the development of your TALENT and STRENGTHS. I offer you two proven methods of efficiency and effectiveness to achieve your goals: 

I. Focusing® Oriented Coaching 

II. Solution Focused Coaching

I. Focusing® Oriented Coaching

The Focusing® technique is one and has been implemented in different contexts. The following applications are for both the development of individuals and teams work:

  • It's a way for you to listen to yourself at a deep level
  • Develop your ability to listen to others
  • It is a precise and refined technique in the feedback
  • Stimulate your creativity to find solutions
  • You move from frustration to action processes
  • Helps to make clearer, more committed and meaningful decisions
  • It puts you in touch with your values and life purpose
  • Help you to get rid of negative emotional charges
  • Transform those voices or internal critics into internal caregivers
  • Power your positive sense of self-esteem
  • It lets you pause and enter a state of presence, to continue with a fuller awareness of your actions

Focusing® Oriented Coaching is a personalized tool that encourages you to maximize your Talent and Strengths development, so that you progress in your career and achieve your professional goals.

Your thinking and emotions is what you already know about your situation. However, there is much more implicit in your experience that has not yet been symbolized and that you don’t know. For positive, lasting, meaningful and sustainable results over time, you need to pay attention to your implicit process.

For example, if I ask you, what are your feelings or thoughts at this time? It’s very likely that your answer is the feelings or thoughts that you already know or are familiar to you. Why would you want to connect with them again if you already know them and have done enough? Scientifically proven, from the implicit process you can learn more about yourself and fully develop your Talent and Strengths.

Focusing® includes the thought process and, above all, moves and gives meaning to its implicit processes. The implicit is what you still don’t know but that is on the edge of what you feel inside, a situation or sensation that at the beginning is nonspecific, which fails to put into concrete words and solutions.

Traditional coaching and mentoring work only with the cognitive (beliefs), with what is explicit, through questions and answers. Focusing® Oriented Coaching responds to the demand for quick results while allowing you to stop and listen to your implicit process. This makes its final development more complete.

In the principles of Focusing®, it is considered that you have Talent and Strengths that through a conversation focused on listening, empathy and authenticity by the Focusing® Trainer (coach), you can find your own new and effective answers to move forward in achieving your goals.

Online workshop "Development of TALENT and STRENGTHS".

Online workshop to a Regional Ministerial Secretary of Education, 8 hours, 30 people.

Gendlin introduces Focusing®

II. Solution Focused Coaching

In Solution Focused Coaching I help you to focus on your development through move towards the future that you want and learning what can you do differently by using your existing Talent and Strengths, skills, strategies and ideas, rather than looking on the problem or the past. 

I invite you to

  • find solutions rather than problems
  • build on strengths rather than weaknesses
  • find positive ways forward rather than examining barriers

Solution Focused Coaching is a personalized tool that encourages you to maximize your Talent and Strengths development, so that you progress in your career and achieve your professional goals. Solution Focused Coaching has emerged from Solution-Focused Brief Therapy(SFBT) and so benefits from decades of outcome studies. Solution Focused Coaching employs questions that focus and refocus the coaching sessions on solutions, strengths and on the future. 

The coaching process includes talking about your strengths, values and exploring the factors that underpin your motivation to change. This will assist you to manage change, clarifying ambitions and achieve your goals. You will get more compelling action plans and I will help you to assess progress and provide feedback to keep you on track.

Our coaching meeting

Focusing® Oriented Coaching and Solution Focused Coaching is a personal meeting in which you as a professional and I as coach, will talk and focus attention on yourself, on your Talent and Strengths, on the relationships of a situation where you are, either in specific challenges (explicit) and / or in a situation or sensation that is not specific (implicit) that it fails to put into concrete words and solutions.

I do Coaching in Spanish, English, German or Portuguese, through videoconferencing and in person meetings. I maintain a permanent contact by email and other digital forms to offer a service that suits your specific needs. For example, with a professional we work in person meetings in Chile, then he moved abroad and we continue our meetings remotely by videoconference, and recently we meet in person in Europe.

Each meeting is unique and flexible, which generally includes some of these components in its structure:

  • Review of the previous meeting and feedback on the actions taken
  • Presentation of the purpose of the meeting and the tools to be used
  • Orientation to the present to attend the explicit / implicit processes
  • Questions by the coach and practical exercises
  • Ask, reflect, exchange visions and knowledge, analyze challenges and opportunities, and establish an action plan (explicit process) for Talent and Strength development.
  • Summary of conclusions

The number of meetings and their frequency depends on you. We personally coordinate the day and time of our meetings, via email info@carlosbobbert.com

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Excelente persona, con una gran sensibilidad para ayudar a otros, puede llegar a transformar realmente en forma positiva la percepción que tememos acerca de nosotros mismos, a través del autoconocimi

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