Welcome to my services for your PERSONAL AND FAMILY WELL-BEING, through the development of your TALENT and STRENGTHS. I have been offering services such as Counseling and Psychotherapy since more than twenty one years in South America and eight in Europe. In 2010, I founded the company Talento y Fortalezas (Talent and Strengths) in Chile, that provides consulting on health issues. I have academic studies in Psychotherapy, Brief Strategic Psychotherapy, Hypnosis with and without trance and Focusing® Trainer. I also have complementary studies in Systemic, Experiential and Anthropological approaches.

Speaking English, Spanish, German and Portuguese, together with having lived and worked in South America and Europe, allows me to support people in intercultural and international contexts. I also have a permanent support  and  supervision from experienced psychotherapists.

Apart from meeting in person, the last eight years I provide counseling and psychotherapy through video call to people in South America and Europe.

* Psychological
* Strategic
* Systemic
* Experiential
* Anthropological

* Brief strategic approaches:
-Solution-Focused Brief
-Palo Alto Mental
Research Institute (MRI)
* Hypnosis with and without trance

* Focusing® Trainer
* Experiential Therapy approches

Our counseling and psychotherapy meetings

Couseling and Psychotherapy are personal meetings in which we will talk and focus attention on yourself, as can be: your Talent and Strengths, on the relationships of a situation where you are, either in specific challenges (explicit) and / or in a situation or sensation that is not specific (implicit) that it fails to put into concrete words and solutions.

Unlike traditional forms of therapy that take time to analyze problems, pathology and past life events, we concentrates on finding solutions in the present time and exploring one’s hope for the future to find quicker resolution of one’s problems.

Our meetings can be in Spanish, English, German or Portuguese. In constant movement through South Amerika and Europe (and the rest of the world), I maintain permanent contact in person and by videoconference. For example, with a professional we work remotely by videoconference because he was in Poland and I was not, then he went to live in Germany and I went there to meet him in person, and now we continue our meetings by videoconference.

The number of meetings and their frequency depends on you. We personally coordinate the day and time of our meetings, via email info@carlosbobbert.com.

Latest comments

06.07 | 14:21

Fantástica experiencia trabajar con un profesional de este nivel. Empático y cordial. Tremendo aporte para el desarrollo personal y laboral

12.09 | 23:38

Excelente persona, con una gran sensibilidad para ayudar a otros, puede llegar a transformar realmente en forma positiva la percepción que tememos acerca de nosotros mismos, a través del autoconocimi

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