Apr. 3, 2020

A short guide to choose an ONLINE psychologist or coach

ONLINE psychotherapy and coaching can be very effective for many problems and health issues. Online is just as effective as face-to-face help. In the case of psychotherapy, research consistently demonstrate that online was just as effective as face-to-face treatment for depression, anxiety and stress. Also, treatment was cost-effective and the positive improvements were sustained at the one-year follow-up. According to the American Psychological Association, online psychotherapy may be as helpful as meeting with a therapist in person. Coaching cannot be scientifically based because it’s a set of intervention strategies that cannot be fully investigated, but it’s a way of practicing psychological intervention.


Choose a professional with university and advanced studies. Some people who advertise as an online coach or psychotherapist may not be licensed or health care providers either.

My studies: Psychologist (2001), Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso Chile, graduated with Cum Laude. Clinical psychologist (2007), Center for the development of brief strategic psychotherapy Chile, affiliated to the Milton H. Erickson Foundation, Phoenix, Arizona. Focusing® Trainer (2014), University Adolfo Ibañez Chile and the International Focusing® Institute New York.


Right now, because of coronavirus restrictions, many professionals are offering online services for their clients. Some of them, rather than a conviction that this service or treatment works or because they have been trained and worked in this way, they have been forced to do so in order to survive economically and/or give continuity to the needs of their clients.

I have six years of experience in online psychotherapy and coaching and the last three years most of my work has been through this way (and nineteen as a Psychologist). In the case of depression, anxiety and stress treatment, I have had positive results in online work.


Online coaching and psychotherapy isn’t for everyone. Without being able to interact face-to-face, as a psychotherapist and coach I must be specially enabled to not miss out on body language and other cues that can help us to an appropriate description of your problem, goals and solution diagnosis.

In the case of psychotherapy, I have specialized training, experience and caution with suicidal intent, psychosis, schizophrenia, post traumatic stress disorder, and substance use disorder, that often need more attention than online services offers. In these cases, I’m a support for the person and his family, and together we design the best help strategy.


I adapt to the technology that is of your habitual use and I propose others that can be of help to achieve specific goals. Technological issues can become a help or a barrier. Frozen videos, dropped calls, and trouble accessing chats are unproductive.

I’m expert in creating a safe, authentic and empathetic online communication and relationship. Online doesn’t mean impersonal communication. Some people, services or sites that aren't reputable may not keep client information safe: I assure you confidentiality, because you contact me directly to my email, you can use a pseudonym, etc.


Coaching and specifically psychotherapy have demonstrated cost-effective and the positive improvements were sustained at the one-year follow-up. In my case, I’m a sliding scale coach and psychotherapist, who adjust my hourly fee to help make my services more affordable for you. If you want a free service, I can help you to find a good community coach or clinics, therapy or health apps for meditation, relaxation, and breathing exercises, books, etc.

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Fantástica experiencia trabajar con un profesional de este nivel. Empático y cordial. Tremendo aporte para el desarrollo personal y laboral

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Excelente persona, con una gran sensibilidad para ayudar a otros, puede llegar a transformar realmente en forma positiva la percepción que tememos acerca de nosotros mismos, a través del autoconocimi

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