Apr. 16, 2020

COVID-19 impacts children and parents

It is of crucial importance to put the family at the center of our care. Pandemic disasters and subsequent disease-containment responses, such as quarantine and isolation, can be traumatizing to a significant portion of children and parents. COVID-19 impacts the family and can lead to trauma for children and parents. An investigation noted that posttraumatic stress disorder in isolated or quarantined crisis, was in 30% of children and 25% of parents.

Some of the post-traumatic signs that should put us on alert are: flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety, avoiding anything that can be related to trauma, palpitations and breathing difficulties every time the trauma is remembered, losing interest in hobbies and fun, difficulty sleeping, irritability, less concentration, get easily alarmed, etc. These symptoms are present at least one month and affect the person's ability to enjoy their normal life both at home, work, school or in social situations.

Diagnosis and treatment must be made by a professional. In some cases, the begining of symptoms may occur years after the event occurred.

Reference: G Sprang, M Silman. Posttraumatic stress disorder in parents and youth after health-related disasters. Disaster Med Public Health Prep, 7 (2013), pp. 105-110.

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