May. 26, 2020

How to deal with crisis, conflict and trauma during a training?

What can we do as facilitators when, at the moment of conducting a workshop, the group enters crisis, conflict or trauma?

The answer to this question was developed together with Aga Leśny, expert in outdoor and experiential education, basing something on theory and a lot on practice. We organized a 5 days seminar on this topic and obtained EU funds to carry it out. This generous support allowed us to invite and listen to the diverse experience of 25 trainers from 5 different countries in Europe (Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland and Romania). One of the relevant results was a kind of behavioral "algorithm" to face such a situation, with concrete steps and activities for the trainer and the group.

Crisis, conflict and trauma during training

A facilitator may face situations of crisis, conflict and trauma whilst conducting a workshop. The purpose of this article is to give an orientation for the initial handling of some of such situations that occur live.

How to deal with TRAUMA during a training?

This article is a practical guide on how to deal with trauma during training.

The articles and “algorithm” are an outcome of the international seminar “Overwork the process” co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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Fantástica experiencia trabajar con un profesional de este nivel. Empático y cordial. Tremendo aporte para el desarrollo personal y laboral

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Excelente persona, con una gran sensibilidad para ayudar a otros, puede llegar a transformar realmente en forma positiva la percepción que tememos acerca de nosotros mismos, a través del autoconocimi

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