Jun. 7, 2021

Take care of your Mental Health

[English and Spanish subtitles]
MENTAL HEALTH is when we feel that we are well, because our thoughts, emotions and behavior work in harmony and we achieve full satisfaction, in the different stages of life. It is important to have a healthy Mental Health, because we manage stress better, we interact well with others, we are physically healthy and we make good decisions.
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06.07 | 14:21

Fantástica experiencia trabajar con un profesional de este nivel. Empático y cordial. Tremendo aporte para el desarrollo personal y laboral

12.09 | 23:38

Excelente persona, con una gran sensibilidad para ayudar a otros, puede llegar a transformar realmente en forma positiva la percepción que tememos acerca de nosotros mismos, a través del autoconocimi

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